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There are several ways to kill gophers in your garden. While they can be dangerous because they can quickly destroy lawns, they also demolish flowerbeds and fruit trees. The best way to get rid of them is to use small gas-producing sticks and flares. Or better yet, order the Gopher Assassin and you’ll never have to purchase another gopher-killing product again. Here’s how to get rid of gophers with gas.

Gophers can quickly destroy a lawn

Ground gophers are a problem for homeowners because of their destructive habits. They can easily destroy your lawn and gardens by tunneling into the soil and feeding on grass, alfalfa, and bulb-producing plants. The tunnels that gophers dig can damage irrigation systems and cause major damage to your lawn. However, don’t panic. A simple gopher trap can eliminate these rodents for good.

Vegetable gardens

Gophers can be destructive to your garden, which can lead to many problems. They may gnaw holes in your garden and cause your plants to die. Although gophers are cute and harmless in other areas, they can be harmful to your vegetables. Gophers are known to be attracted to vegetables and may be afraid of other pets and children. Luckily, there are several non-lethal methods of exterminating gophers, including planting vegetable gardens.


One of the best ways to get rid of gophers is to plant flowers in your flowerbeds. You may also consider planting California poppies. These plants contain a sedative known as opiates that gophers can’t stand. They’ll eat the flowers and return to their burrows. These plants also protect larger plants from gophers.

Fruit trees

In order to get rid of gophers, you must take measures to deprive them of food sources. Often, gophers are drawn to fruit trees. But this solution may not work on large properties. Since gophers do not move far, they may stay in the same area, causing problems for your neighbors. Using a garden stake is an excellent way to locate gopher tunnels. Using a screwdriver, probe, or garden stake, you can excavate the hollow tunnels. Then, you can add repellents to the ground.

Sprinkler systems

Putting a sprinkler system in your yard is one of the best ways to exterminate Gophers. Using a sprinkler system to flood the tunnels and cause them to exit is an effective way to flush out gophers. By flooding the gophers, you can find active gopher burrows and flush out any adult gophers from the area. The rising water also drives away predators from their habitat and drowns gopher babies.


One of the best ways to get rid of gophers is to use repellents, and these are mostly battery or solar powered. They are effective but are not safe for humans or pets. Cables are visible above ground and can be strategically placed to keep gophers out of specific areas. However, these methods are not non-lethal and can damage your plants and landscaping.

Plastic water lines

Gophers are pests that cause extensive damage to plants and landscapes. They gnaw through underground irrigation lines, electrical cables, and plastic water lines. Their tunnels can erode soil and cause the pavement to sink. The best time to perform control operations is during the spring or fall, when they won’t interfere with crops. If you do decide to take action, there are several methods of extermination you can try.

Gardening equipment

The most effective way to exterminate gophers is to use a gas-emitting machine and humanely but permanently destroy them. The Gopher Assassin is a ground-breaking pest control system that delivers carbon monoxide directly into tunneling pests’ tunnels, and causes them to fall asleep and never wake up again. This innovative approach to gopher extermination has proven extremely effective in controlling tunneling pests such as ground squirrels and moles. The Gopher Assassin creates a large barrier of deadly CO around your property so pests can’t escape once they’ve entered it. And you only use one machine for many pest control problems, making it an economical option for the long term.